The 8 Items in Bear Grylls’s Essential Survival Kit

Tight-Lidded Survival Tin: Bear Grylls relies on a compact, metal tin for his survival essentials, ensuring everything stays dry and functional in challenging environments.

Waterproof Matches: In harsh conditions, Bear opts for waterproof matches, considering them more reliable than lighters, ensuring the ability to start a fire even in wet or cold weather.

Battery and Steel Wool Fire Starter: Bear carries a 9-volt battery and steel wool for an alternative fire-starting method, emphasizing preparedness in diverse survival scenarios.

Button Compass for Navigation: A tiny, inexpensive button compass is Bear's fail-safe navigation tool, ensuring a sense of direction when technology fails or batteries die.

Water-Purification Tablets: Stressing the importance of safe drinking water, Bear includes water-purification tablets in his kit, using iodine or chlorine to eliminate pathogens quickly.

Tea Light for Sustained Illumination: Bear includes a small tea light for prolonged light, especially valuable when other light sources like phones or flashlights are running low on battery.

Unlubricated Condom as a Multi-tool: Bear uses an unlubricated condom for various purposes—storing water, keeping tinder dry, or acting as a makeshift glove for wound treatment.

Tampon for First Aid and Tinder: Recognizing its absorbent material, Bear includes a tampon in his kit for first aid on wounds and as reliable tinder when needed in survival situations.