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What Is The Lamzac Hangout?

What wizardry is this?

UPDATE July 7th – The Lamzac is finally here! Read our FULL REVIEW.

So, what is this thing?

The Lamzac Hangout is a large bag that you can fill with about 600 liters of air in just a few seconds. It weighs 2.8 lbs and folds up to the size of a potato chip bag. You can use it as a chair or lie vertically, and it holds up to 440 lbs. It is made from ripstop, abrasion resistant nylon.

Where does it come from?

The Lamzac Hangout was invented by Marijen Oomen and debuted on a Dutch television show in 2010. Oomen didn’t win the competition, but still decided to start his own company. They went on sale in 2012. The name Lamzac is inspired the the Dutch word “Lamzak” which means lazy person.

How much? How do I get one?

They’re $70, and you’ll have to get in line. The website says that they’ll be shipping June 15th (fingers crossed).

Do I want one?

I personally think that they’re brilliant. You can basically set up a super posh airbed in a few seconds anywhere you want, and kick your feet up. They aren’t meant for overnight sleeping. They’re meant to be used at concerts, on the beach, in the park, or even a snooze between classes on campus. I’ll be trying to get my hands on one as soon as I can.

Check out the Lamzac Hangout on Instagram

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source: @jasperdijcks on Instagram
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source: @saskiacapiau on Instagram


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