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Wild Elk Herd Adopts Diesel the Lost Donkey

Back in 2019, David Drewry’s donkey, Diesel, got spooked and the animal ran off. Five years later, it seems Diesel has made a good life for himself. A man recently spotted a herd of elk that seems to have adopted the lost donkey.

Max Fennell, a professional triathlete, posted a video to his Instagram account showing a herd of elk across a field. But one of those things is not like the other. In fact, as Fennell zooms in, it becomes clear that one of the animals is actually a donkey.

“I just spotted these elk,” Fennell says in the video, “and there’s a donkey with them!”

While Fennell didn’t know it at the time, he’d found Diesel the lost donkey, who got away from his human in 2019. Diesel’s owner, Drewry, commented on Fennell’s Instagram post, saying: “That is in fact Diesel. He got away from me while packing out there 5 years ago. It was heartbreaking at the time. Glad to see he is helping the heard [sic] grow.”

See the elk herd that adopted a lost donkey here:

Fennell calls the find “wild” and says: “I can’t get over seeing it and I’m amazed that the donkey looks happy and healthy!”

Drewry gave no indication in his comment whether he plans to try to attempt to find Diesel and bring him home or if he intends to let the donkey live with his new elk family.

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  2. A donkey is fearless and will protect that herd from predators he will kill whatever tries to harm them by kicking and biting them to death. So in fact he is an asset having him around. Alot of people use them to protect their livestock

  3. But how did he get his halter and backpack off? The owner said he was wearing them when he got lost.

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