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Willow Creek Trailer Suggests Bigfoot Isn’t A Friendly Camper

Apparently, Bigfoot Doesn’t Want To Make S’mores Together…

At 50 Campfires we’re fascinated by all things camping – and that includes the campers in the Willow Creek Trailer who are looking to share the forest with Mr. Bigfoot. Weirdest thing though – he’s not interested in sharing the forest with them. We thought maybe we’d get to see Bigfoot making foil packets and beeritas with two happy campers. Nope. This guy is no Harry and the Hendersons type of fellow.


Not The Willow Creek Bigfoot
The Willow Creek Bigfoot isn’t friendly like Harry and the Hendersons

As you can see in the trailer below things get a little dicey for our camper friends. We’re blaming it on having the wrong gear. If they had the 4-1 Woodsman ready to rock maybe they would have made it out of there!


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