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Wondermade Marshmallows Are Truly Works Of Art

Wondermade is the place to go for gourmet marshmallows and ice cream.

When we were planning our trip to Florida we found out about Wondermade and knew that we had to stop. How could we not? Wondermade has marshmallow flavors like S’mores, bourbon and birthday cake – all of the things we love. On the last day of our Florida trip, we made the drive to Sanford to check out this favorite local hangout and were not disappointed.

Nathan holding the infamous S’mores On A Stick.

We were greeted by a cheery fellow named Nathan Clark, who is basically running a miniature Willy Wonka factory. Wondermade is beautifully designed with clean, fresh colors that inspire the mind and tantalize the taste buds. To our delight, they not only have scrumptious marshmallows, but also a selection of ice cream that is tough to beat! You see, they start with a whip cream base and then start tweaking it until they get a version of ice cream that is perhaps the best we’ve ever tasted.

Make sure you also try the S’mores on a stick, and if you’re feeling fancy, the Gold Champagne marshmallows. They are literally covered in edible 24 karat gold! Who knew the lifestyles of the rich and famous was so accessible?

24 karat magic in the air…

If you stop into Wondermade, make sure you check out the rest of Sanford! We thought it was a great little town to spend the afternoon. It’s less crazy and Orlando and has an authentic small town feel that we loved. 

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S’mores on a stick. You roast the marshmallow top and eat the frozen fudge on the bottom. Lights out.



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