This Hammock is the Lightest in the World

Superior Hammock has released Daylight, the world’s lightest hammock, weighing in at a quarter-pound (4 ounces), including stuff sack. No other brand has a sub 5 ounce product on the market.

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Made of Ripstop Robic Nylon, Daylight can support up to 300 pounds. It has tree-friendly 10-foot straps, made of specialized polyethelene – stronger than steel but light enough to float on water. Includes light aluminum cinch buckle for quick adjustment.

hammock, daylight hammock, superior hammock, camping

hammock, daylight hammock, superior hammock, camping Photo courtesy of Superior Hammock

Daylight is so small and compact, you can literally take it with you anywhere! Camping trip, day hike, park or even the backyard.

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For more information, visit their Kickstarter site