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We Asked You What Your Essential Camping Gear Was, Here are the Results

We asked Outdoors’ Facebook followers what gear they can’t go camping without and there were a lot of answers.  

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“Cast iron Dutch oven and griddle. I cook on fire as much as possible.” – Marilyn Hulme

“Fire, bring several lighters .you will probably need a small campfire. For many reasons” – Brian Weston

“Camp axe and paracord” – Mike Cee

“My Stanley thermos..” as well as a lot of different coffee makers – Kathy Tully White & other commenters

“zip ties. The best useful-to-weight ratio in all gear.” – Michael Kucan

“Water and filter if necessary and sweatshirt if cool” – Metteke Jack Vanden Bout

– Kelly Ann

“WATER.” lots and lots of water – Carol Shenk & other commenters

“Don’t forget the Charmin.” – Wade Osborne

“Summer – Battery backup fan! Winter-Heater!” – Rhonda Johnson King

“camp: a storm proof tent, a cot, a fan, and a mattress. Back country: new knees” – Gary Russell

“A tarp above the picnic table to keep you dry while preparing meals and dining.” -Doug Belyea

“Coleman gas grill” – Steve Warner

“Toothpaste bits, rinse free bathing clothes (soap already in it), first aid kit, axe, paracord, durable clothes and underclothes depending on the elements, tarp, emergency blanket, water filter” – Shondae Phelps

– Scott Stanley

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