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Yummy Campfire Cinnamon Rolls!

A great way to get the kids involved (and occupied) during breakfast prep are these fun, campfire cinnamon rolls. We found sticks and shaved them down into cooking skewers. I packed along some of our favorite cinnamon roll dough (any brand will work) and we were good to go. Just pop open the dough, roll around the stick and get cookin’!

The kids are occupied for about 30 minutes, they get a yummy fun breakfast and you can kick back and enjoy your morning coffee. And if you are lucky they will share! Honestly, these taste so much better than out of an oven you will never want to eat them any other way!

campfire cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon rolls on a stick


1 or 2 cans jumbo cinnamon rolls (depending on quantity you wish to make)
Stick skewers, the thicker the better
Kids to cook them!

Wind the cinnamon roll dough up the stick. Put it over the flames of the campfire. Be sure and turn the stick around to get an even cook, it should take about 20 minutes over the fire. Once they are golden brown, spread the frosting on and enjoy.

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