The 9 Best National Parks for Seeing Wildflowers

Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Townsend, TN: Middle Prong Trail: Explore 8.3 miles of history and waterfalls amid a stunning display of wildflowers, best seen in April's Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage.

Crater Lake National Park – Chiloquin, OR: Mazama Village to Rim Village: Journey through forests and across creeks on this 8.5-mile trail, encountering a vibrant array of wildflowers like the western springbeauty and phantom orchids.

New River Gorge – Shady Spring, WV: Big Branch Trail: Enjoy an easy 2-mile hike showcasing local wildflowers such as red trilliums and Virginia bluebells, with New River Gorge offering diverse flora.

Haleakala National Park – Maui, HI: Halemauu Haleakala Overlook Trail: Brave a challenging 8-mile hike for breathtaking views and unique flora, including the iconic 'āhinahina or Haleakalā silversword.

Kings Canyon National Park – Independence, CA: Forester Pass via Kearsarge Pass: Navigate a difficult trail to witness a stunning display of sky pilots and other wildflowers amid the High Sierra's rocky terrain.

Acadia National Park – Mount Desert, ME: Cadillac South Ridge Trail: Traverse 7.1 miles for panoramic ocean views and encounters with rugosa roses, yarrow, and foxgloves among Acadia's diverse blooms.

Indiana Dunes National Park – Gary, IN: Paul H. Douglas Trail: Explore 3.4 miles of wetlands and dunes adorned with over 1,100 flowering plants, including vibrant lupines in June.

Saguaro National Park – Tucson, AZ: Garwood Dam and Wildhorse Tank Loop: Embark on a 6.4-mile journey through iconic saguaro cacti and stunning desert vistas in this Arizona park.

Olympic National Park – Port Angeles, WA: Klahhane Ridge Trail to Lake Angeles: Challenge yourself on a 12.5-mile roundtrip, reveling in forest views and spotting diverse wildflowers like glacier lilies and mountain owl's clover.