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5 Best Winter Boots For Women

5 Best Winter Boots For Women

The winter is upon us, and you’re probably starting to feel some urgency about getting your winter gear sorted out. So, being the helpful folks that we are, we decided to come up with a list of this year’s best winter boots for women.

We’ve tried to choose a wide selection, with different ankle heights and different purposes, from athletic to deep snow boots. Let’s start looking!

Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II

Sorel Women's Glacy Explorer Shortie winter boots

Columbia’s Ice Maiden II has a synergistic design that fuses top of the line performance with a stylish exterior that pairs well with a variety of winter attire. The bottom of the sole is made of hard rubber, with shallow studs that provide plenty of traction on most everyday surfaces, even when they’re covered in ice.

The upper is stitched from a combination of leather and quilted nylon, with a patchwork appearance that’s still 100 percent waterproof. These boots sport 200 grams of waterproof insulation, more than enough to keep your feet from getting soaked. A sturdy rubber toe guard completes the outer shell, ensuring that your boots won’t wear out fully from a single kick.

These boots are available in seven different color combinations, including a deep red that’s ideal for the holiday season. On all colors, a thick, plush fur liner surrounds the boot opening, preventing snow from entering.

Sorel Women’s Glacy Explorer Shortie

Sorel Women's Glacy Explorer Shortie winter boots

Sorel’s Women’s Glacy Explorer Shortie is a mid-rise boot that’s constructed from a mixture of nylon and canvas, with a rubber sole that has a shallow, but sticky tread, like the bottoms of moon boots. The rubber itself is forgiving, with a molded footbed that can be left in if you like it or removed if you don’t. If you opt to remove it, you’ll probably want to buy an aftermarket insole to replace it.

The outsole has a solid color, with dense, woven canvas panels and matching nylon bands to reinforce the stitches. The boots are available both in black and in “elk”, which is basically a pattern of contrasting browns and tans. Both patterns include a fur top liner and have round, fat laces that are easy to tie.

Bearpaw Women’s Shelby Fashion Boot

Bearpaw Women's Shelby Fashion Boot

If you’re looking for a more fashionable boot that’s also tough enough for foul weather, the Bearpaw Women’s Shelby is a good selection. It features two leather straps with buckles that are attractive but are also understated. With its high-rise construction, the boot holds its shape very well under strain and stress and will provide a surprising amount of ankle support.

The upper is entirely made of suede, with the exception of the straps and buckles we already mentioned, and a bare top that’s easy to keep clean. The sole is rubber, and while it provides plenty of grip, we’re not entirely sold on the flat-bottom design that a lot of modern women’s boots have been going with. You might want to buy your own insole if you want to have good arch support.

Skechers Women’s Easy-Going Quantum Ankle Bootie

Skechers Women's Easy-Going Quantum Ankle Bootie

For a shorter boot, you might want to consider these Sketchers booties. They’re easy to slip and out of, and the suede upper sole and fur-lined top look a lot like a certain fashion brand that’s very popular. However, there’s a big stitch across the front of the ankle, which gives them a moccasin-like look, whether you’re wearing them in black or in either shade of brown.

The foot wells on these boots are very comfortable, with a thick memory foam insole that provides excellent arch support while still allowing your toes a bit of sink.

And remember how we complained about too many women’s shoes having flat bottoms? Not a problem here!

The bottoms of these boots have an ergonomic, curved profile that’s very comfortable and supportive. And the tread on the bottoms is nice and thick, with shallow treads that are only so-so in deep snow, but then again, you’re not buying these boots for deep snow. And for an icy parking lot, they’re very well designed.

The Original MuckBoots

The Original MuckBoots

As the name implies these Muck Boots are designed for muddy, slushy conditions where you want to protect your regular footwear. They have a single-piece rubber shell that completely encases your foot, although the upper portion is light and flexible while the sole and heel are much harder. The tread on the bottom is fairly shallow, but it has hashing that’s well suited for ice and wet surfaces. For harsh conditions, they’re one of the best winter boots for women.

One thing we should point out is that the MuckBoots are sized differently than normal shoes. Since they’re designed to go on over your regular shoes, order a size larger. For example, if you wear a size 9, order a size 10, and you should be just fine. Worst case scenario, you can always return yours and get a size larger or smaller.

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