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Camping & Hiking

15 Outdoor Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

If your father, boyfriend, son, cousin or significant other likes the outdoors, that provides huge potential for gift ideas. If you’re ever stuck for [...]

Camping & Hiking

What To Know Before Picking a Cold Weather Camping Mat

Why Use A Camping Mat? A camping mat is generally used to avoid pain and stiffness in the morning, by acting as a cushion [...]

ice fishing bait

Different Ice Fishing Baits

It can be easy to find a type of bait you like to use, and only use that when ice fishing. But low and [...]

ice fishing gear

Ice Fishing Gear 101

There is some basic ice fishing gear you need to get started ice fishing. First of all, having an ice house is something we [...]

dsg avid ice fishing suit

Function Meets Style with Women’s Avid Ice Fishing Suit

What’s the key to catching more fish through the ice? Ask a hundred ice anglers and they’ll all have a different answer. For me, [...]

beginners guide to snowshoeing
Camping & Hiking

A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing

A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing If you’re someone who loves spending quality time with friends and family outdoors, the winter months may seem to [...]

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