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Camping Mack’s Pines in Arkansas

Camp Arkansas had the opportunity to speak with Valerie Gamble, one of the owners at Mack’s Pines near Dover, Arkansas. This RV and cabin resort makes the perfect jump off spot for RV’ing in the Ozarks. She also shared her promise – no one will ever go away disappointed. Listen to our full interview here:

Mack’s Pines Camping, Arkansas

Camp Arkansas: I’m talking with Valerie Gamble today. She’s one of the owners over at Mack’s Pines, in Arkansas. How’s it going today, Valerie?

Valerie Gamble: Going wonderful.

CA: So, let’s start with how long Mack’s Pines has been there and how it got started.

Valerie Gamble: Well, we have had it for 24 years.

CA: Wow.

Valerie Gamble: It originally was built about ten years before we took it over. I couldn’t tell you how it originally got started. I just know from our experience.

CA: Yeah. From the photos on the website, it looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to spend time.

Valerie Gamble: Oh, I absolutely love it here. I hope they never make me live anywhere else.

CA: Now, what are the most popular activities for the guests there?


Valerie Gamble: Well, ATV riding side-by-side is probably number one. Then we have canoeing. It’s close by during the season. Of course hunting and fishing, and the horseback riding. Now, they all bring their own horses and ATVs. We just have the trails and we have just literally hundreds of miles of trails for them to ride.

CA: Wow. And so, can they leave right from the cabins there on the ATV?

Valerie Gamble: Yes, they can. Drive right away from the cabin and be on the trail in about 45 seconds.

CA: So that’s really convenient.

Valerie Gamble: Oh, yes sir, it certainly is.

CA: How many cabins do you guys have?

Valerie Gamble: I have eight cabins. I have a one-bedroom house and a two-bedroom mobile home that I rent by the weekend. Then we have 25 RV sites. Let’s see. I’m trying to think of how many of them have sewer. They don’t all have sewer. They all have water and electric. I’d say ten of them have septic hookups.

CA: Oh, okay.

Valerie Gamble: And of course we have 30, 50, and one 20amp hookups.

CA: Oh, you have 120amp too. I don’t come across that too often in the interviews. Oh, one 20amp. I thought you said 120. I was like: “Good Lord, I’ve never heard of that.” So you guys have a little cafe there too for people to grab a bite to eat.


Valerie Gamble: Oh, and the best food around. I won’t send you away disappointed. I promise.

CA: That’s what I like to hear. Now, when you have a little bit of downtime, what’s one of your favorite things to visit out in the surrounding area?

Valerie Gamble: One of my favorite things to do besides four-wheeling is go check out the waterfalls, you know, when they’re running. They’re absolutely outstanding.

CA: Okay, and how far are those from Mack’s Pines?

Valerie Gamble: Oh, well, we’ve got some within a mile from us, and then they range out, you know, to probably 45 miles is probably the furthest I’ve drove to go check one out.

CA: Okay.


Valerie Gamble: And I’d say within a 15-mile radius, or let’s say 20-mile radius, there’s probably thirty at least.

CA: Wow, that would be a whole day of running around if you could even get them all.

Valerie Gamble: Oh, that would be a week of running around, and you’d have to hurry to do it then.

CA: And are you guys open year-round?

Valerie Gamble: Yes, we are.

CA: Okay. And do you guys have the leaves changing? It must be a pretty time of year down there right now.

Valerie Gamble: They haven’t started yet. We figured probably in the next week or two they should start changing pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s going to be beautiful this year.

CA: Okay. And what’s your busiest time of the year there?

Valerie Gamble: Well, actually, about the first of September most years, until the end of May. Summer is when we’re really the slowest.

CA: All right, sounds good. Well, that’s some good information for us to provide to some of our visitors. I want to thank you for taking some time out of your day, Valerie, to chat with us about Mack’s Pines Resort.

Valerie Gamble: Well, I appreciate you.

CA: All right, take care.

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