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car crash in yellowstone geyser
National Parks

SUV Full of People Crashed Into a Hot, Acidic Geyser at Yellowstone

An SUV with five people inside careened off the road in Yellowstone National Park and crashed into a hot, acidic geyser. Here’s what we know.

sea turtle dancing

WATCH: Rare Sea Turtle Dances on Top of Its Nest

Have you ever seen a sea turtle dance? A rare Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle showed off its unique dance moves. Here’s why.

three-legged lion

Three-Legged Lion Swims a Mile Through Croc-Infested Water—for the Ladies

Two lion brothers recently swam farther than any other lion on record. They swam nearly a mile (1.5 kilometers) across the Kazinga Channel in [...]

milking snakes

Is Venomous-Snake Milking the Most Dangerous Job in the World?

A coastal taipan crushed a world record, but we’re preoccupied by this question: Is “milking” snakes the most dangerous job in the world?

funny tick psa

This Funny Video Teaches Viewers How to Beat Ticks This Summer

Besides teaching you how to keep yourself safe from ticks this summer, this funny video will also make you laugh.


Mystery Attack on Dirt Biker Leaves Everyone Confused. Was It a Mountain Lion?

Did a mountain lion attack a 19-year-old dirt biker last week? Officials say it was a house cat, but the teen says no way.

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