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Here’s Video Evidence That You Can’t Outrun a Grizzly Bear

You know how experts say you shouldn’t run from a brown bear? It’s because you can’t outrun a grizzly. (Seriously, even if you’re Usain Bolt, don’t try it.) Grizzlies can run up to 35 mph, which is as fast as the average horse.

If you’re still skeptical, take a look at this helicopter footage of a grizzly bear absolutely barreling across a field to the edge of a body of water. Still think you can outrun a grizzly?

Watch the aerial footage here:

There’s no location context in the YouTube caption of this video, so we’re not sure where within grizzly bears’ range this footage is from. North American brown bears, also called grizzlies, live in Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, western Canada, and Alaska.

The combination of a grizzly’s speed and size is downright intimidating (they can be up to 8 feet tall and weigh up to 800 pounds). Thankfully, grizzlies don’t want to chase humans down, and these omnivores don’t want eat humans for lunch, either.

While grizzly attacks on humans do occur, they’re not common. To protect yourself, keep your trash locked up, never feed wild bears, and always carry bear spray when you’re visiting bear country. You might also carry a bear horn for good measure.

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