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Deadly Grizzly Bear Attack in Banff National Park Leaves Two Dead

A tragic encounter between a grizzly bear and campers in Banff National Park left two people dead. Despite “doing everything right” (carrying bear spray, hanging their food, etc.), a Canadian couple and their dog were killed by a grizzly bear in Banff’s backcountry.

Parks Canada said dispatchers received a satellite alert about a bear attack near Red Deer River Valley within the park on Friday evening. Local news outlets report that a response team made their way to the remote area on foot, found the bodies, and euthanized a female grizzly bear that was displaying aggressive behavior in the area.

According to the National Park Service (NPS), bears become more active during the fall, because they’re on a quest to fatten up for the winter. This process, called hyperphagia, can lead to an increased number of bear encounters.

While bear attacks are not common, it’s vital to recognize the dangers inherent in sharing wild spaces with wild animals like brown bears.

Here are some tips for staying safe in the outdoors in bear country.

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  1. With all we know since the tragic grizzly bear attacks happened in the 1960s at a national Park why are people still camping so close to bears??

    The article mentions they did everything right well you know very well they absolutely didn’t. Saying so is like trying to accuse the bear of acting out of line.
    I hope this absolutely tragic incident will help to enlighten others choosing to tour the wilds “prepared”.

    1. Melissa Reynolds

      Can we be friends!? You said everything I’m Thinking in that comment. I was sitting here sayin’ with the exception of why the hell was the bear murdered, damnit!? I mean she was doing bear stuff. Obviously it was on her terf!
      And also, to second your query about them doing everything correctly, Are the people writing this crap high?
      If they did everything right, uh they wouldn’t have gone on a sleepover without bear grylls with real bears! And how do we know they did it all correctly if the only witness is the bear? And what the hell were they doing all three right in the attack zone? Fido didn’t hear or smell the damn thing? And if he did why did we stick around long enough to make a 911 call and be lunch at the same time and whose job was it to hold the bear mace!? Shit people!! Picture them hiking in on foot leisurely, Ma bear doing bear things, as tragic as this is and horrific for the family, nab the bear secret squirrel style and chalk it up to another day in the office.

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