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Watch As the World’s Most Relaxed Grizzly Bear Floats Down a River

A recently shared video on Instagram shows a grizzly bear’s tactic for finding fish, and the animal may be the most relaxed bear you’ve ever seen.

Renee Hahnel posted the reel during a trip to Katmai National Park in Alaska. She says she was at Brooks Falls, which is a very well-known area for spotting brown bears that are fishing for some food.

In the video, you can see the bear casually floating along. Hahnel says this is a snorkeling technique to look for fish underwater. National Park Service officials say this is very common for all bears to do, but especially in the fall. That’s when bears can find many dead and dying salmon in places like the Brooks River. 

If you want to view brown bears, Katmai National Park may be the place. The Alaskan park was established in part to protect grizzly bears. Park officials estimate that about 2,200 bears call the park home.

Be sure to brush up on some bear safety tips before you go.

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