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For the Second Time this Season, a Bear Was Caught on Video Hitting the Slopes at a Ski Resort

Visitors to a California ski resort keep capturing videos of bears in the area. For the second time this year, a guest on the mountain filmed a video of a bear making its way across the mountain. 

Check out the clip:

Heavenly Ski Resort is in the Tahoe area, which is known for its bears, but as the video shows, it’s still a surprise when one shows up at a ski resort. You can see a few minutes of chaos for both the animal and the people as the bear makes its way through the area. 

According to KCRA, a local news station that shared the video, this most recent incident is the second time a bear has been in the area this season. In December, another visitor captured a similar scene. That video went viral on TikTok. 

The news station quoted the ski resort saying these incidents “are infrequent as these animals usually move along quickly.”

The initial story even got attention from CBS, who quoted a bear expert about what to do in this situation.

“It is not a dangerous situation,” said Ann Bryant with the Bear League to CBS. “My recommendations would be if you see a bear when you’re skiing at Tahoe or anywhere is keep going. Don’t stop and film, and for godsakes, don’t approach them.”

In short, these videos are just another incredible reminder that even at a ski resort, you’re still very much part of the great outdoors.

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