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Insane Videos Surfacing From Tornado Outbreak as Severe Weather Is Ongoing

A “very legit tornado outbreak” (to quote this Fox weatherman) wreaked havoc on Nebraska and Iowa on Friday, and people who were close to the devastation are still sharing some insane tornado videos. Meanwhile, millions of people in middle America remain under a severe weather warning, with more tornadoes possible.

One storm tracker, Aaron Jayjack, is tracking a high-precipitation supercell as of this writing in Lawton, Oklahoma:

And other tornado warnings are in effect for other areas of Oklahoma:

Amid ongoing severe weather, areas hit hard yesterday by tornadoes are grappling with extensive damage. Records of what tornadoes are capable of doing are appearing online as storm chasers and people who live in these areas share their photos and videos from yesterday’s storms.

In this video by Matthew Cappucci, an atmospheric scientist, a semi-truck gets tossed across the road with the driver still inside. Good Samaritans stopped to help the driver.

Another video from yesterday shows a twister in Minden, Iowa. It looks absolutely massive. Storm chaser Trey Fulbright narrates, saying: “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

More tornadoes may touch down before the weekend is done.

UPDATE 4/28/24: At least four dead from Oklahoma tornadoes on Saturday night.

UPDATE 4/30/24: 100+ tornadoes touched down across multiple states during the April 2024 tornado outbreak, which killed at least five people.

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