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WATCH: Shocking Tornado Damage in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the latest state left devastated from the deluge of tornadoes this weekend. Twisters hit Nebraska and Iowa hard on Friday, and last night, it was Oklahoma. Tornadoes ripped through the state over Saturday night and claimed at least four lives, including an infant, and injured many others.

Severe storms are still a risk for many people in states like Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri.

A post from AccuWeather on X shows shocking tornado damage to a Dollar Tree distribution center in Marietta, Oklahoma. The scene looks apocalyptic.

Watch it here:

Another X post from Live Storm Chasers shows branches impaled into the side of a building from the force of a “weak” tornado in Norman, Oklahoma. There doesn’t seem to be much tornado damage in the surrounding area, but the sight is startling.

UPDATE 4/30/24: 100+ tornadoes touched down across multiple states during the April 2024 tornado outbreak, which killed at least five people.

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