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RSVP: Yosemite National Park Announces New Reservation System and Passes Go on Sale Next Month

Yosemite National Park is making a new effort to handle crowds at one of the nation’s most popular outdoor destinations. In 2024, the park will bring back a reservation system for vehicles.

The system has been tested on and off in the last few years, but the park went without it last year. What followed were traffic issues and gridlock inside the park.

While some do not like the idea of having to make a reservation, many called on Yosemite to follow what other major national parks have done to navigate an increase in visitors. 

According to a new press release, Yosemite will use a “Peak Hours Plus” reservation system next year. Visitors to the park will need a reservation on these dates:

  • Weekends from April 13 to June 30
  • Every day between July 1 and August 16
  • Weekends from August 17 to October 27

There will be two different reservations available. The first is an all day pass. The second will allow people in any time after noon. Reservations will not be required for anyone entering the park after 4:00 p.m.

The park did use a similar system in 2022, and they hope this will again draw down some of the crowds seen during peak times. 

“This summer’s pilot system is built from extensive public feedback, data from three years of pilot reservation systems here in Yosemite, and lessons learned from other national parks,” said Superintendent Cicely Muldoon. “This pilot system will inform how we ensure an equitable and outstanding visitor experience while protecting Yosemite’s world class resources.” 

Booking Your Reservation at Yosemite National Park

Here’s the part you’ll want to set a reminder for. Reservations for all dates will be available on Recreation.gov starting January 5, 2024. Additional passes and afternoon passes will be available a week before the date.

Park officials say they will continue to evaluate the reservation system as this is only a pilot program. They plan to make changes to maximize park visitation while avoiding overcrowding.

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