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‘There’s Always a Few Odd Gems’: See All the Wild Trash and Plastic Found Floating in the Ocean

Cleaning up the ocean is not an easy job. 70% of the entire planet is made up of ocean. Sadly, there’s a ton of trash in there. However, organizations like The Ocean Cleanup are doing their best. Recently, the group shared a video of a wide range of plastic they pull from the sea.

In the video, you’ll see action figures, bike helmets, skis, shoes and toothbrushes. All of it, just floating along in the Pacific Ocean.

In the post, the organization wrote, “There are always a few odd gems among our plastic catch that don’t fail to surprise.”

The Ocean Project is focused on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a massive pile of floating trash brought together by ocean currents. The patch is twice the size of Texas.

The organization uses a massive net system to remove some of the debris. You can see another cleanup video here.

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