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Clean Trek Odor Control Body Towels: Review

“Your fellow hikers should be funky, not smell funky.”

This is a quote from our friends over at Clean Trek, and we couldn’t agree more! I recently spent five days touring Oregon and Washington on a 50 Campfires Field Trip, and had an opportunity to put the Clean Trek Towels to use. We rode fat bikes on the beach, pulled up crab rings in the bay, and hiked underground. Because we had such a tight schedule we sometimes had to skip the shower in the morning. This is where the Clean Trek towels saved the day.

Clean Trek Towels: $4.99

Going from rundown to invigorated? Priceless.

It’s true. There were many times when I felt tired and grimy but after a few minutes with the Clean Trek Towel I felt like a new man. And when I use these things I really go for it y’all. I’m talking between the toes and everything. Funk be gone! It’s pretty amazing how it can turn your mood around. The Mountain Moss fragrance is light and refreshing and put me right back in the saddle. Giddyup!

On the technical side, they don’t just eliminate your current nastiness, but also inhibit future funk from terrorizing your nostrils (and those of your companions). I don’t know exactly how that works, but I have to say that I’ve never spent so many hours on the trail with such pleasant smelling folks.

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