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Off-Road Trails: The Best Of The Eastern US

If you’re looking for an incredible ATV experience, this list of off-road trails has you covered. Whether you’re looking to get away or travel somewhere closer to home, there’s bound to be a spot on this list that fits your preference. Here are the best ATV trails the Eastern United States has to offer.

Jackman-Moose River

The Jackman-Moose River area, located in Maine right near the border of Canada, is one of the most remote in the entire US, filled with wildlife like bear, moose and many others. It boasts over 250 miles of ATV off-road trails that interconnect with The Forks, Bingham, Rockwood and the Greenville trails for an additional 300+ miles of secluded riding. 

Hatfield-McCoy Trails

Located in West Virginia, Hatfield-McCoy is one of the largest trail systems in the country, made up of over 500 miles of ATV trails. It is divided into six segments, each in a slightly different area, each providing a variety of trails: easy & high speed, challenging & technical, and scenic with valley views.

Black Mountain

The incredibly challenging ATV trails of southeastern Kentucky’s Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Park in Harlan County are a huge draw for off-road enthusiasts. It’s quite a climb up most of the trails of Black Mountain, the highest point in the state, but you also have the chance to push your vehicle’s limits on the high-country trails as you wind down.

off-road trails

Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park

The charming Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park in western North Carolina is a relaxing haven for high-intensity riding tailored toward utility quads, dirt bikes and sport ATVs. It features 37 miles of one-way ATV trails, with various alternate routes and quick cuts back to the clubhouse.

Carolina Adventure World

Easily accessibly from Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC, Carolina Adventure World is a private facility offering more than 100 miles of ATV trails, three MX tracks and an enduro track. It provides visitors on-site ATV storage, mechanics, camping, ATV rentals and food. Carolina Adventure World appeals to all levels, offering wide open & easy trails as well as more athletic, narrow woods trails. Additionally, Blue Sky Zip Line is close by for added excitement.

Durhamtown Plantation

Durhamtown Plantation Off-Road Park in Georgia features 150 miles of one-way trails for dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs, with nine tracks, a drag strip, mud pit and freestyle park all in one gigantic facility. It also offers cabin and RV rentals, on-site ATV rentals and storage, four service bays, a pro shop, bike and skateboarding areas and a restaurant – making it an excellent place for a family vacation. As one of the country’s most popular privately owned riding areas, it’s located in the central pine forests of the state near Union Point.

Ocala National Forest

The Ocala National Forest is one of the most popular ATV riding areas in the state, located right in the middle of central Florida. With 35 miles of ATV and UTV off-road trails and trailheads at Big Scrub, Wiregrass and Lake Delancy, most trails are designed for slow-speed riding to encourage riders to appreciate the sub-tropical scenery and wildlife. Ocala National Forest is the oldest national forest east of the Mississippi River and the southernmost forest in the continental United States.

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