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Review:SmartSleeves iPhone And Tablet Waterproof Covers

We bring our phones everywhere. To the beach, the campsite, while we’re hiking and on the water. But we sometimes forget that we should protect it from all of the elements and then wonder why it stopped working. SmartSleeves makes phone and tablet protectors. The sleeve is a crystal clear bag that keeps water, dust, dirt, and grime away from your expensive smart phone or tablet.

SmartSleeves iPhone And Tablet Waterproof Covers

We know there are a lot of choices out there for phone protectors but one thing we really like about the SmartSleeves bags is that they come in a variety of sizes that fits mostly every phone or tablet whether you have a case on it or not. We also like that it is not bulky, like some water proof cases. It is almost form fitting to the phone or tablet which helps you forget that it is even there. SmartSleeves are right around $7, so a pretty affordable way to have some peace of mind when you are outdoors with your phone.

Price: $6.95 Smartphone, $6.95 Tablet

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