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Gear Of The Year Awards 2016: The Nozipp Sleeping Bag

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for the Nozipp Sleeping Bag

When the 50 Campfires team shares a fire, it’s amazing what truths are discovered. One is that we share common nightmares … especially ones  centering on sleeping bags that won’t unzip when you need them to. There’s the black bear burrito nightmare. And there’s the long night of microbrew sampling nightmare.

So the Nozipp Sleeping Bag was a unanimous gear of the year choice for the team if for no other reason than easing our nocturnal imaginings. Actually there are a whole lot of other reasons this bag earned 50 Campfires’ highest honor. In addition to the never jam magnetic closure (and opening) system, this is just a danged nice sleeping bag. The Nozipp bag has an expandable torso section for comfort and to eliminate the “claustrophobia nightmare” common with ordinary mummy bags. There’s also a massive overlap to shut out all drafts.

Comfort range on the Nozipp is in the 30-degree down to 18-degree range. Regular bag length is a roomy 6-foot-2, and the long size is 6-foot-8. The bags are filled with 850+ duck down. Total weight is 2 pounds 8 ounces on the standard and 2 pounds 11 ounces on the long.

You’ll sleep peacefully in a Nozipp sleeping bag … with fewer campers’ nightmares … we promise!



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