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Research Suggests the Truth Behind Many Bigfoot Sightings

Sometimes, a Bigfoot sighting is just a comical error (or maybe it’s just Rob Lowe in a Bigfoot suit). And we know that drugs and Bigfoot-related paranoia can be a deadly combination. But sometimes, a Sasquatch sighting seems really legit.

In fact, many notable, reasonable, and intelligent people believe a Bigfoot-type creature exists—like Jane Goodall, to list just one. However, some recent research suggests that in North America, there’s a simple truth that may be behind many Sasquatch sightings. But is it what the world wants to hear?

‘If Bigfoot Is There, It Could Be a Bear’

Earlier this year, a research study published in ZSL’s Journal of Zoology suggests that “if bigfoot is there, it could be a bear.” The research sought to test the hypothesis that “the American black bear (Ursus americanus) may be responsible for a significant number of purported sightings of an alleged unknown species of hominid in North America.”

The study expanded on previous analyses by looking at the entire U.S. (not just the Pacific Northwest) and Canada. The author says the research models Sasquatch sightings and bear populations in each state/province while adjusting for human population and forest area.

“Sasquatch sightings were statistically significantly associated with bear populations such that, on the average, every 1000 bear increase in the bear population is associated with a 4% (95% CI: 1–7%) increase in sasquatch sightings.”

So, as black bear populations increase, Sasquatch sightings should also increase, if the hypothesis is true. This research does support the hypothesis.

The study concludes: “Based on statistical considerations, it is likely that many supposed sasquatch are really misidentified known forms.”

Are many Bigfoot sightings just black bear sightings? Black bears can and do walk on two legs at times . . . can you see the resemblance?

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(Source: Instagram / @abc7newsbayarea)

Weigh in below, does this research disprove Sasquatch to any degree?

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