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Dashboard Camera Captures Tornado Demolishing Building in Nebraska

Tornadoes were big news at the end of April when hundreds of tornadoes touched down in the Midwest and Great Plains states over the course of several days. New footage shared by AccuWeather on YouTube lends a whole new perspective—one no one would want to experience in real life. A dashboard camera from an unoccupied vehicle in a parking lot caught the moment a tornado ripped up a building in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 26, 2024.

In the video, rains streaks down the car’s windshield for a couple of seconds before the wind picks up significantly. Trees in front of a building start blowing furiously, and two fall over almost immediately. Then, the tornado enters the camera’s field of vision from the left.

What happens next is terrifying, but it’s hard to look away. The roof of the building in front of the parked car starts to fly apart in large chunks. Debris (not from the building) flies in front of the car as the twister makes its way from left to right, completely demolishing the structure in a matter of seconds.

After the tornado passes, the building, the trees, everything is just gone. Where the structure stood is now a massive pile of debris.

Watch a tornado from a dash cam in realtime and then in 1/4 speed:

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