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WATCH: Monster Tornado Crosses Road in Nebraska

Storm chaser Aaron Jayjack captured video of a monster tornado crossing interstate 80 today in Lincoln, Nebraska. Others are sharing photos and/or videos of the destruction so far. The situation is still developing.

In Jayjack’s video, you can see a tornado cross the road in front of his moving vehicle, then hover over the other side of the freeway as he continues to chase the storm. At one point, Jayjack comes across a semi-truck on its side, bisecting the interstate.

Watch a monster tornado wreak havoc in Nebraska here:

More videos of the tornado and the destruction it’s leaving in its wake are hitting the internet, with some reporting potentially massive damage.

One report suggests the Omaha, Nebraska Emergency Dispatch said “30-40 houses [are] gone” and “we need mass casualty resources.”

Another X user and a Nebraska resident, Michael Schwabe, shared photos of the destruction less than a mile from his house. He says: “#Omaha and #Elkhorn going to need a lot of help with rebuilding.”

If you’re reading this on April 26, 2024, Jayjack is also streaming his live tornado chase on his YouTube channel:

UPDATE: As of Saturday, April 27, here is some footage of the tornado damage in both Nebraska and Iowa.

UPDATE 4/28/24: At least four dead from Oklahoma tornadoes on Saturday night.

UPDATE 4/30/24: 100+ tornadoes touched down across multiple states during the April 2024 tornado outbreak, which killed at least five people.

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