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Estes Park Wild Side 4×4 Tours : Take a Ride on the Wild Side [VIDEO]

While a Colorado car camping trip is prized for the beautiful and sometimes rugged hiking opportunities, there’s another option. In Estes Park, just outside the Rocky Mountain National Park, the 50 Campfires Team discovered Wild Side 4×4 Tours. A bit of research revealed they offer something for off-road enthusiasts at every level of adventure.

Wild Side Tour Company is a family business built on living outdoor dreams. They are proud to be the only company within 100 miles who has the permit to offer both on-road and off-road tours in the Roosevelt National Forest. Their claim is touring from “mild to wild” including photography tours in Rocky Mountain National Park, on-road and off-road tours in the national forest, and a truly wild level rock climbing and roller coaster tour.

Wild Side’s general tour season begins on May 15 each year, but starting in November they also offer winter tours in both the national forest and rocky mountain park. They can accommodate all sizes of groups from couples to large family or corporate gatherings.

One of their unique attractions is a private viewing tower modeled after a fire watchtower. It has opportunities for both indoor and rooftop views that can extend as far as 150 miles on clear days. The guides are well-educated on the areas in which they travel and do all they can to create lifetime experiences for Wild Side’s guests.

Wild Side is a perennial choice for both the list of top tour companies in Estes Park as well as Top 10 Things to do in Colorado.

Wild Side 4×4 FAQs

What is provided?
Water, snacks, blankets, extra coats if needed. Sunscreen is available as well.

What should I bring?
Memory Cards
Comfortable Shoes
(Park Pass is included; if you have your own park pass please bring it with you to save time at the National Park gate, if you are taking a park tour, and inquire about the discount you can receive if you already have a pass)

What about waivers?
The waiver is required to sign at check-in. If you would like a copy before arriving feel free to request one.

What about cancellations?
Groups of 1-10 people If you cancel prior to 24 hours before the tour there is no cost at all. If you cancel within 24 hours it is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. If you or anyone in your group cancels or does not show within 1 hour of your tour the guests that do not go will be charged 100% of the tour costs.

Large Groups over 10 people
If you cancel prior to 72 hours before the tour there is no cost at all. If you cancel within 72 hours it is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. If you or anyone in your group does not show or cancels within 1 hour of your tour the people that do not go will be charged 100% of the tour costs.

Large Groups over 20 people If you cancel prior to 7 days before the tour there is no cost at all. If you cancel within 7 days it is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. You must call our office or email and let us know your final numbers 4 days out from your tour. You will be charged for those many people regardless of anyone in the group not attending by tour date. If you want to add anyone to your group please let us know ASAP so we can make sure we have enough seats available. It may be possible to add people the day of the tour but we do not guarantee more seats will be available.

Should I tip my Tour Guide?
If you feel that your guide has made a truly memorable event for you and your family then a tip is a wonderful way to say thank you. The tips are truly appreciated and allow them to do the work they love so much. The amount is ultimately up to you, but most people use restaurant standards as a benchmark.

What about rain?
The tours run rain or shine. The only time they cancel a tour is for hail, ice, or thick fog for park tours. The Park Tour Trucks have zip down windows for inclement weather. The off-road trucks most are full open-top trucks. For inclement weather, they provide full-body suites called Frog Togs for wind and waterproof comfort.

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