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‘The Whole F*ing Neighborhood’s Gone’: Tornado Damage Reports From Great Plains

The Great Plains states are in turmoil today as millions of Americans are under a tornado and severe-weather watch. Twisters have touched down in states like Nebraska and Iowa, and unofficial tornado damage reports are starting to make their way onto the internet via social media.

Daniel Webster of Elkhorn, Nebraska posted several videos of the tornado and the tornado damage with a note, saying:

“To our family and friends @around the world – we are safe/ [this] just happened in omaha , Nebraska USA- neighborhoods destroyed — happened 1 mile from us— just missed us by 1 mile —- so sad – homes destroyed by the water tower in elkhorn”

In one of the videos in Daniel’s post, the narrator says: “The whole f*cking neighborhood’s gone.”

Please note, the videos in this post are not attributed, and there is explicit language in one of them:

UPDATE: As of Saturday, April 27, here is some footage of the tornado damage in both Nebraska and Iowa.

UPDATE 4/28/24: At least four dead from Oklahoma tornadoes on Saturday night.

UPDATE 4/30/24: 100+ tornadoes touched down across multiple states during the April 2024 tornado outbreak, which killed at least five people.

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