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The Outdoors and Science Fiction Collide with Columbia’s New Star Wars Collection

In a galaxy not so far away, Star Wars fans will soon be able to get outdoors in style. Columbia, a well-known clothing company that’s popular among outdoor enthusiasts, is launching a new line of Star Wars-inspired clothing.

The designs are more than simple odes to the classic movie franchise. According to a video released by Columbia, their design team headed to the movies’ archives to look at the costumes firsthand. 

The initial design was clothing inspired by Hoth, the ice planet in The Empire Strikes Back. Now a new chapter presents jackets influenced by Luke Skywalker’s pilot suit. And, honestly, they look pretty close to replicas. 

Unlike the clothing designed for the movie, which was mostly made of cotton, the Columbia pieces will have their patterned technology to keep adventurers on the go regardless of the temperature. The company sought to make the items look as close as possible to what the actors wore but also make them functional in the outdoors. 

Modern technology is something that Mark Hamil would have appreciated on set while playing Skywalker.

“You would be lying in the snow, and they would be ‘he needs more snow on his face.’ And you would be just numb,” explained Hamil while filming the second Star Wars movie released in 1980. “I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.”

The Columbia/Star Wars collaboration first began in 2016, and the newest release is called the Skywalker Pilot line. The line will be available for sale on December 1. 

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