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Science Fiction or the Future of Skiing and Snowboarding? Check Out the Snowtunnel

A company called Snowtunnel is grabbing headlines with a machine that looks like it’s out of a futuristic movie. The device would allow guests to ski or snowboard at any time of the year.

The machine is a giant tube with an interior covered in snow. The product is aimed at skiers, snowboarders, and others who enjoy a variety of winter activities. Though there currently aren’t any in operation to check out in person, the company is actively working to sell it to ski resorts, theme parks, water parks, and other recreation areas.

A new concept video shows how the device works:

Snowtunnel says they can modify the machine based on the rider and their skill level. It also aims to be a great place to learn for those new to the sport. The video reveals the concept and a potential layout. The clip shows three operating Snowtunnel machines, one programmed for newcomers, one for more experienced riders, and a third for just having fun in the snow. This outline is part of the company’s efforts to appear to a mass market of outdoor enthusiasts.

The video shows the design for a facility based around the product, with plenty of onlookers and others excited to check out the technology. 

How Snowtunnel Works

The company says inside the Snowtunnel is a rotating snow surface that’s made from real frozen water. To complete the effect that you’re on a mountain, dry powder snow can fall from the top of the tunnel. The company is not sharing the exact details of its technology, but they do have some photos of early concepts of testing the three-story tall device.

snowtunnel skiing
Testing the prototype. (Source: Snowtunnel)

While the prototype appears to be up and running, it’s not currently open to the public.

With a boom in climbing gyms and surf parks, it’s easy to imagine a concept like this taking off, even if it appears to be out of this world at the moment.

Would you try it out?

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