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Do You Think Skiing Is Boring? Try Adding a Jetpack

The latest video from Red Bull takes the already extreme sport of skiing and kicks it up by adding a jetpack. Ski Cross World Champion Filip Flisar tried it, and the results were awesome.

Check out the video:

In the clip, Flisar goes from the slopes to a town in Slovenia at a high rate of speed due to the jetpack strapped to his back. While most of it looks fun, he does eventually wipe out. While speeding around town, Flisar gets a few odd looks as he jumps down stairs and dodges other infrastructure. 

As a ski cross athlete, Flisar is used to dealing with obstacles. The sport combines the elements of a downhill ski race with jumps and sharp banks you’re more likely to find in freestyle skiing. 

Where do you get a jetpack, though?

Some prototypes are available online for tens of thousands of dollars, and most are for flying, not rocketing around. 

We don’t know where Flisar got his jetpack, but many are homemade. Judging by the AMT sticker on the side, it looks like this pack, or at least the engine, came from a Dutch company called “AMT.”

Jetpack skiing may look like a lot of fun, but, for now, it’s not a very accessible upgrade to your ski equipment.

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