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Video Shows Man Kissing the Dying Wolf He Tortured in Wyoming Bar

A video has surfaced showing Cody Roberts of Daniel, Wyoming, bringing a dying wolf’s mouth toward his and giving it a kiss. The wolf is too weak to do more than bare its teeth. It’s the latest twist in a story that keeps getting weirder and more disturbing.

Roberts, 42, reportedly ran over the wolf with a snowmobile and then brought it to his home and to a local bar with its muzzle taped shut as it slowly died of its injuries. This happened at the very end of February, but photos and videos of the incident have been surfacing and gaining widespread attention online.

Last week, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department formally acknowledged the situation, confirming that the department had cited an individual “for a misdemeanor violation of Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulations, Chapter 10, Importation and Possession of Live Warm-Blooded Wildlife.”

The fine was, apparently, $250. Many believe Roberts should face a steeper penalty. (Some have even started petitions.)

Gray Wolves Classified as Predatory Animals

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says this happened in a part of the state where gray wolves are legally classified as predatory animals. The statement reads: “Predatory animals are not managed by the department and animal cruelty laws, per Wyo. Stat. Ann. 6-3-1008 (a)(vii) do not apply to predatory animals.” 

In the wake of all the media attention, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department says it received “a considerable amount of phone calls, emails and social media messages involving the possession of a live wolf in Sublette County.”

Brian Nesviksays, director of Wyoming Game and Fish, said: “The actions and behaviors of the individual involved in this case are not reflective of Wyoming’s values for wildlife. The actions that came to light in this case were disrespectful to wildlife. These actions were not in keeping with conservation principles or ethical behavior. This incident casts a shadow over our state’s proven track record in successfully and responsibly managing our gray wolf population.”

Is $250 the appropriate consequence for Roberts? What do you think?

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  1. Kimberly Hallock

    This individual needs more than 250 fine
    He should have a real fine jail time to think what he did and be remorseful let’s tie your mouth shut after we run you over with a snow mobile give you NO medical treatment and slowly die from your injury and than well torture you

  2. Kimberly Hallock

    I see why that beautiful YOUNG wolf died you taped his mouth shut couldn’t breathe or pant you should have brought him to a vet for treatment.
    It different when you shoot an animal it’s instant you tortured this young wolf for no reason sick
    You got a good drunkin thrill
    I’d be watching your back for what you did- there’s a lot of people out there that will do to you what you did to that wolf young wolf.
    You’re an embarrassment to all hunters
    You need a hunting accident

  3. Lori Courtney

    I think Cody Robert’s should move and change his name. He should be embarrassed, no normal human being would treat an animal that way. I’m not a wolf lover, but this has really bothered me. Karma’s a bitch.

  4. Amanda Stand

    This is ridiculous! He should be facing charges not a skimpy fine. Obviously he has no compassion to animals!! Probably isn’t the first time.

  5. There just isn’t a punishment bad enuf for someone who would do this. What a perverted SOB! And what were the other patrons of the bar doing? This is sick beyond belief. He should be sent to prison for a long, long time.

  6. Absolutely horrific…how could any sane, moral person do this to an animal? The law should step in and punish this awful excuse of a human being. This is sickening at any level..the act itself and the law not punishing this yuck.

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