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This Is Not a Drill: Wolf-Dog Hybrids Are on the Loose in California

On Friday, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged they’re working to capture a “roaming pack of dogs” outside of Redding, a city in northern California, in the Shingletown area. They’re not normal dogs, though, they’re wolf-dog hybrids.

According to the sheriff’s office, the wolf-dog hybrids belonged to a resident but have “gone feral.” As to exactly what type of animal we’re talking about, officials say they’re a combination of wolf, husky, and malamute.

The wolf dog pack reportedly killed another dog last week.

“Animal Regulation Officers have been in the area and cited the owner of the animals for having unlicensed and unvaccinated animals, strays, as well as kennel violations,” the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office wrote in its original Facebook post.

Officials have set straps for the wolf dogs and are patrolling regularly in hopes they’ll be able to catch the animals. The Sheriff’s Office suggests there are seven in the pack. As of the office’s latest update this afternoon, one wolf dog was in custody and the others still roam free.

Unfortunately for the officials, their traps don’t seem to fool the wolf-dog hybrids.

“Traps remain out in an attempt to catch the six remaining dogs, but they have been unsuccessful so far,” the latest update reads. “Traps tend to work on animals that are ‘food motivated’ and the animals in question do not appear to be motivated by food.”

The dogs periodically return to their owner’s property, but officials say that by law, they can’t seize them there.

Follow the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office for updates on this ongoing situation.

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  1. I didn’t read were these wolf bred hybrids are what part of Redding are they located in? And how long have they been on the loose? I realized that you said they’re going back to actual owners property once in awhile and you can’t set traps there why can’t you set a trap on the outside of his property and lure them into the traps with raw meat? Or even sweets I have a husky the Siberian Husky and he loves his sweets and he loves raw meat. Just a suggestion I really would like to know the location as I keep my dog outside all day long on a runner because he likes to run and visit the neighbors LOL my husky is a very friendly dog I really don’t care to see my dog get entangled with these pie breads depending on their location because of him being on a runner he wouldn’t have room to defend himself.

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