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Caught on a Ring Cam: Is That a Mountain Lion in New Jersey?

Ring doorbell cameras help you screen visitors, keep tabs on packages deposited on your front door, and spy on wildlife that passes by your home in the dead of night. A recent Ring cam video has locals stumped. It shows a large animal walking past someone’s porch. Could it be a mountain lion in New Jersey? That’s what the homeowner thinks.

Local country radio station WPUR Cat Country 107.3 obtained the Ring cam video from Scotch Plains, N.J. resident Gregory Kowalczyk. He told WPUR: “I’ve seen many different wildlife but the shape of the head, neck, and tail . . . the way it walks . . . appears to be a mountain lion . . . he is way larger than a German shepherd.”

Mountain lions don’t live in New Jersey, according to wildlife officials, but Cat Country 107.3 keeps tabs on supposed cougar sightings in the Garden State. While these claimed sightings don’t prove anything, it makes one wonder—what are people really seeing, then?

Watch the video for yourself and decide what Kowalczyk caught on film:

My bet is on a bobcat. Bobcats do officially roam the state of New Jersey.

Weigh in below: Is this a mountain lion in New Jersey, a bobcat, or something else?

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  1. Martin D Stonestreet

    Not a mountain lion. Not a bobcat, bobcats have have short bob’d tails. That’s a house cat. Sheesh.

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