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‘Are You Guys Stuck on Purpose?’ Hilarious Kayaker Untangles Ospreys

Chris Miles (@miles_away_fishing) was in his fishing kayak when he spotted two ospreys in the water, locked together by the talons. Miles says the birds had locked talons in the air during a fight and “death spiraled” into the bay. Whoops.

Thankfully, Miles was there and willing to help to the best of his ability. He comes up close to the birds, which look pretty wet and pathetic in their precarious situation, and he gently uses his paddle to separate the birds’ talons.

It’s at this point in the video that Miles’s commentary takes over as the main reason we’re still watching. (We came for the birds and stayed for the banter, and you will too.)

After Miles separates the ospreys, one takes off, but the other is too tired to fly. Since Miles is the hero of the day, he doesn’t stop there. He manages to make sure the second osprey gets airborne again too.

Watch a kayaker untangle two ospreys with some hilarious commentary:

As Miles gives the second Osprey a lift to the mangrove trees that border the bay, he names the bird “Ozzy.” He says after a nice kayak ride and some rest, Ozzy flew off safely.

The birds were lucky Miles was there, and so are we.

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