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Watch Baby Ospreys on a Live Cam to Brighten Your Day

For those days when you want to be outside but you’re stuck inside, here’s a good way to take a nature break. Keep a live-streaming wildlife camera open in a tab on your computer, or keep it open on your phone’s browser and watch it when you’re bored (instead of doom scrolling on social media). One option is the 2024 Pitkin County Osprey Cam, which shows a live view of a mom osprey and her three chicks in a nest. The chicks look like adorable baby dinosaurs.

baby osprey live cam
Screenshot from Pitkin County Government live stream

When you tune in, you might see mom protectively hovering over her chicks as they wiggle around beneath her. You might see mom spread her wings wide and groom her feathers, then groom her chicks’ feathers. You might even catch a glimpse of mom feeding her babies, like I did right after I tuned in. At one point, I spotted mom fly away briefly and then return.

There’s no audio with the live stream, but the birds appear to chatter to each other, and we can only imagine what squeaky noise is coming out of those baby beaks.

Watch an osprey family live cam here:

My favorite moment so far was watching mom feed the babies from her crop. The chicks eagerly extended their mouths up as she fed each one in turn.

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What did you see when you tuned in?

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