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Reservation Required: Mount Rainier is the Latest National Park to Require Entry Permits

The list of national parks requiring reservations in the Summer of 2024 is growing. Officials at Mount Rainier National Park announced this week the plan for reservations. The entry permits are for several of the park’s popular gateways.

The entrances impacted include the Nisqually, Stevens Canyon, and Sunrise/White River. Like other parks with reservations, the passes will be for anyone coming to the park between 7 a.m. and 3:00 in the afternoon. Here’s a closer look:

  • Enter the Paradise Corridor from either the Nisqually Entrance via State Route 706 or Stevens Canyon Entrance via State Route 123.
    • The pass is required from May 24 through September 2.
  • Enter the Sunrise Corridor at the White River Entrance via State Route 410.
    • The pass is required form July 3 through September 2.

“In recent years, it’s been too common for visitors to sit in idling cars for a couple of hours at the entrance stations and then make laps through the parking lots hoping for an empty parking space,” said Superintendent Greg Dudgeon in a press release. “We are testing a system that will spread visitation out throughout the day and season to reduce crowding.”

This year is essentially a test for the park to see if it helps reduce traffic and environmental damage to the park.

More Parks Requiring Reservations

Mount Rainier has seen a massive visitor uptick, like the entire National Park Service system. The average yearly total has grown by about 500,000 visitors yearly. Most visitors head to the Washington State park in the summer months. Park officials say most of the visitors crowd around several popular areas. 

This year, parks like Yosemite announced a return to their reservation system. Other destinations like Rocky Mountain and Glacier are continuing a pilot program of using reservations.

If you want to book a pass for Mount Rainier, you can head to Recreation.gov. The first passes for the Paradise area in July, go on sale on February 21. Passes for the Sunrise Corridor will be available on April 1 for the month of July. All passes for both areas from August through Labor Day become available May 1. Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful national park.

*The reservation costs $2, but visitors do pay an additional entrance fee once they arrive.

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