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A Man and His Dog Are Still Missing in the Grand Canyon

Thomas Robison, a 58-year-old man from Santa Fe, New Mexico, is missing somewhere in Grand Canyon National Park. He and his Welsh Corgi may have attempted to float down the Colorado River on a homemade raft.

The National Park Service (NPS) issued a missing person notice on Wednesday, saying someone found Robison’s abandoned vehicle at Lees Ferry within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. “Robison, 58, is believed to have attempted to travel down the Colorado River with his small dog on a wooden raft,” NPS says in its notice.

Robison is a white, 5’10” male, 160 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Surviving in the Wild

A recent survey took a look at how, statistically speaking, people who lose their way outdoors survive until rescue. Here’s a look at what most people surveyed said they did for warmth, shelter, food, and water.

  • Warmth: Most people in the survey reported using the clothes they had with them for warmth. Other strategies included building fires and using camping gear.
  • Shelter: Most people used camping gear for shelter. Some found caves or other existing shelters.
  • Food: 35% rationed the food they had with them. Some went without food and some foraged for food.
  • Water: 24% found a natural body of water. Others used snow or rain or rationed the water they brought with them.

UPDATE 5/14/24: NPS announced on May 13, 2024 that Robison did not survive. His body has been recovered from the canyon.

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