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WATCH: Terrifying Mountain Bike Ride Through Abandoned Lead Mine

British professional mountain biker Jono Jones recently shared a video of a new ride, and it is a nail-biter.

Jones says this trail is in an abandoned lead mine in Slovenia. The route carves through tight tunnels and continuously drops deeper underground.

Despite Jones’ years of professional experience, this route is a guided tour. A company called Bike Nomad brings cyclists from around the world to enjoy biking underground.

“People usually seek mountain biking enjoyment in the mountains, but we found a passage through the mountains, along the abandoned and mysterious tunnels under Mt. Peca,” says a post on Bike Nomad’s website. “What we offer is a more than 5-kilometer guided underground cycling tour, the route of which follows an illuminated path from one valley into another, for you to enjoy a safe and unforgettable adventure.”

Jones says his video is just a fraction of the entire ride, and he would “100%” do it again.

Would you try this route?

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