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In The Desert You Become Water Aware

It doesn’t take much travel in the desert to realize what makes it a different camping experience. You quickly become water aware.

At every campsite, at every gas fill up, at every roadside attraction you instinctively eye up the scene for the availability of water. If you see a source, you top off your omnipresent water bottle. You’re probably carrying some other larger reservoir, too, so you take the chance to fill it overflowing as well.

It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure how quickly you’d become uncomfortable out here if you … ran out of water. You simply DO NOT let that happen. Because you’re constantly thinking about it, you take a fill up now and then from a source that would give you pause back home.

It sure was sweet for 50 Campfires: Field Trip Death Valley to travel through the Nevada and California deserts without worries about “bad water.” We partnered up with LifeStraw to put their Universal and Mission systems to good use.



Every drop of water is precious in the desert
LifeStraw Universal was invaluable during Field Trip: Death Valley.
Back in camp, the LifeStraw Mission was a godsend. It filters water 24/7 while you're out and about.
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