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Keep Your Camp Kitchen Organized With The Zippo Outdoor Utensil Tree

When you think of the name Zippo you automatically think of the lighter, and a good one at that. But that is not all they are good at. Zippo Outdoor has launched a whole new line of products geared to the family and car camping community. These products are innovative and built to the high quality standards of the infamous Zippo lighters.

A handy new tool is the Zippo Outdoor Utensil Tree. The Utensil Tree is a unique way to keep your grilling utensils and condiments handy but off the ground and away from the sooty campfire. There is never enough room on a picnic table when you are camping so this utensil tree is a great way to free up space and keep things organized. The Utensil tree can either be stuck in the ground or put in to its stand. It has a pole coming up that attaches to an 8″ top tray where you can set condiments, paper towels etc. The tray has holes in the bottom in case of rain it will drain easily. It also has raised edges on 2 sides of the tray so that paper towels won’t roll off. It is notched on the other 2 sides so that you can easily rest hot dog pokers or other items against it. One great feature of the Utensil Tree is the 3 pronged claw coming from the shaft of the tree. This allows you to hang your grilling utensils, towels etc. Keeping them of the ground and organized in one easy to get place. We really think the Utensil Tree is a great addition to your campsite, it breaks down in to a small, easy to carry bag and frees up precious picnic table space.

Price: $49.95

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