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10 Tips For An Incredible Bike Picnic

If there has ever been a summer for bike picnics, it’s this one. Many of the ways we usually recreate haven’t been available, but we still want to get outside to relax with friends. Bike picnics are the answer! Bikes make it easy to find a perfect spot in the park, away from other folks. We’ve been refining our approach for a few years, and we’ve nearly perfected it. Here are ten tips for incredible bike picnics!

1. Gear Transportation

If you want to hang out for a half-day, you’ll need some gear, which means that you’ll need something to haul it in. Sure, you can only bring a blanket and a bottle of wine, but we like to create a more comfortable atmosphere. A cooler that attaches to your bike (with storage on top) or a child carrier works great to haul the stuff you need. 

2. Comfortable chairs

This is a must-have for us, and we always reach for the rockers from GCI Outdoor. If you’re lounging for a few hours, you can’t beat the comfort they provide. The Kickback Rocker works particularly well because it folds up like a regular camping chair and is easy to haul.

3. A Good Blanket

Don’t skimp on your picnic blanket. You want one that has a waterproof bottom in case the grass is a little damp. Also, try to find one with some extra cushion, so you don’t feel sticks and pebbles.

4. Tent Stakes

Tent stakes are often overlooked. Camping blankets are notorious for blowing around in the wind, so it’s worth the extra time to stake down all four corners. 

5. Wide Variety Of Light Snacks

Keep the food light, but crave-worthy. Heavy main courses aren’t picnic-friendly. A tapas approach is your best bet because people will be snacking all afternoon. 

6. Music

A little groovy background music always picks the vibe up a notch, and there are plenty of options these days for small Bluetooth speakers that sound great. As always, use common sense and don’t annoy other people in the park with your Rick Astley remix. 

7. Sunscreen and Bug Spray

People often forget these two things, so make sure you bring them! When it comes to bug spray, our favorite is Picaridin. It has virtually no odor, isn’t sticky, and works as well as DEET. We haven’t used DEET in years. 

8. Napkins 

A wide array of finger food means that you’ll need napkins. Bonus points if you go green and use cloth napkins. Plus, that’s a little fancier anyway, right?

9. Bathroom Access

Hanging out for a few hours means that people will need to use the bathroom. Pick a picnic spot where it’s easy to access a public restroom. The handy thing about bikes is that it’s easy to travel a little further, but make sure you know where they are. 

10. Practice Bike Safety

This goes without saying, but wear your helmets folks. Learn the hand signals and get in the habit of using them even when cars aren’t around. You’re sharing the road with big heavy objects that can do a lot of damage, so use common sense and stay safe out there. 

There you have it! Ten tips for incredible bike picnics! If you cover them all, you’ll be set up for a beautiful afternoon of laughs and snacks. Word will get around, and your friends will anxiously await the next bike picnic party. Have fun out there!

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