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The Pelican ProGear Cooler Will Keep Ice Cold For Days

Coolers really have come a long way from Styrofoam boxes to bear proof solid mold coolers. The Pelican ProGear Cooler is a great example of the new wave of coolers that have revolutionized our way of taking care of perishables camping, hunting and fishing. The Pelican cooler comes in a variety of sizes from 20 quart to 250 quart to fit the needs of every one.

The Pelican ProGear Cooler sets itself apart with its push-pull latches that make opening the cooler a breeze. Just push on the red button to open the lock, when you need to close the cooler just push the stainless steel hinged button down to lock it in place. There are some great oversized handles to allow you to get a really good grip on the cooler. They also provide a handle in the molded box for a secondary lifting spot. The cooler has a great drain plug that has includes a sloped Drain & tethered threaded plug that can hook up directly to a water hose. The inside of the cooler is just as impressive as the outside with plenty of room for food storage and a 7-10 day ice retention. No more going to grab a bag of ice multiple times in one weekend of camping!

Price: varies

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