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5 Must-Haves When You Rent a Kayak [VIDEO]

Clint texts -- without risking his phone -- from aboard a rented kayak.On the water, in a kayak is an incredible way to spend a summer day, but there are key items that can make it even more enjoyable. Remember, you will basically be “stuck” for a few hours, so everything should be within your immediate reach to maximize comfort.

These five items will make your paddle just a little bit smoother:

1. Chamois or Sponge

It doesn’t matter how good your technique is. You and the inside of your kayak are going to get wet. In moments of rest when you’re relaxing your arms on the side, it’s nice if the deck is actually dry. Keep a chamois or sponge handy and do a little cleanup when things start to get soaked.

2. Waterproof phone case or bag

I don’t like to commit to a case, so I prefer a waterproof bag. You don’t have to spend a lot. You can find a decent one on Amazon for under $10. Your phone still works through the bag and you’ll be stress free.

 3. Dry Bag

If you’re out for an afternoon, there will be other items that you want to bring with like sunscreen, an extra t-shirt, snacks, etc. Pick up a good dry bag and fill it up. Once again – it makes kayaking more stress free.

 4. Bungee cords.

Ah yes, bungee cords, our best friend. How else are you going to strap your cooler to the back deck? Pro Tip: Companies like Perfect Bungee make cords that are more functional. For example, they have a loop end cord that can be used as a paddle tether, in case things get dicey and you drop it.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Some people like to paddle in silence, and that’s great. I like to have the option of listening to a little music while rolling down my favorite river. I don’t play it all the time, and I play it at a respectful level. When I kayak the creek by my house and I’m playing some old funk or soul I get a thumbs up nine times out of ten when I paddle by people on the shore. The Braven BRV-1M will give you great sound in a small package and can get soaked all day without a problem.

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