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Gear Review: Case Knives Trapper

The Case Knives Trapper Knife is one of the oldest in the Case collection. Being 125 years old, Case has made its fair share of knives, but the Trapper has stood the test of time. It’s durable, compact and looks great. What more can you ask for in a knife?

Case Knives Trapper

The first thing you notice on the Case Knives Trapper is the incredible craftsmanship. You can tell a lot of attention to detail went into making this knife. The Trapper knife has 2 full blades, a clip blade and the Spey blade. The clip blade’s versatility is great; it can be used around the campsite for anything you’d need. The Spey blade has a rounded tip, making it an excellent utility blade. The blades are made from domestic steel and are hardened with a special treatment to keep them strong.

With only a few moving parts, the Trapper knife is a simple knife to use. Being a folding knife, the blades come out quickly and won’t bend back your fingernail trying to get them out. However, the blades do not lock in place, so you use caution when using the knife.

Peach Seed Jig Crimson Bone Trapper Knife Front View

Image by Case

You really can’t say enough about the durability of Case Knives. Many of these stellar knives have been passed down through generations and still work as well as they did when they were purchased. The Trapper knife is no different. The surgical steel is strong, looks great and has just the right amount of thickness. We have no doubt that you’d be able to pass this knife down to your children.

When closed, this knife comes in at 4 1/8″ in length. Being so compact, the knife is light and will easily fit in a pocket. It’s great to keep in your camp box and have around the site. It is actually so light that you may not even know it’s in your pocket.

Case Knives are always a good value. Although slightly more expensive than other knives, there is a good chance you will have them for 50 years. So we’d say you can’t go wrong making an investment in one of the highest quality knives this country has to offer.

Article updated Dec. 7, 2023

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