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The Muck Boots Excursion Pro Line Will Keep Your Feet Dry

We’ve all had to camp in the rain and if you are not prepared, it is miserable. The right pair of shoes can make a huge difference so if you haven’t taken a look at the Muck Boots Excursion Pro line, you should. The Excursion Pro line has a mid and low sized boot that are ideal for wet conditions, hiking or camping.

After a good rain, the campsite is muddy and gross. Instead of tip toeing around you, the Muck Boots allow you to go about your day and know that your feet will stay dry. The Muck Boots Excursion pro line is all rubber with a neoprene liner, it features the xpress cool lining which will keep your feet cool in warm weather conditions and has a super lightweight EVA midsole that make them flexible and super comfortable. The boots are great between 40 degrees and 95 degrees and give you peace of mind knowing at least your feet won’t be wet in rainy conditions!

Price: Low: $109.95
Mid: $144.95

See the Muck Boots Excursion Pro line in action

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