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Batteries Low? Use the Sun, Grab the Solio Solar Charger

solio solar charger
Solio Solar Charger

Batteries low? Use the sun; and the Solio Solar Charger plus battery pack. Some people go out to the woods to disconnect but for most of the world even while camping it is nice to have your electronic devices. The Solio Classic2 is one of the coolest products on the market for charging multiple devices while on the go. It can power anything that uses a USB to charge. A day of direct sunlight on the Classic2 captures enough energy for three charges for most smart phones or tops-off most tablets from half-depleted to a full battery. The best part of the battery pack and charger is that it has a full-sized USB port which allows thousands of devices to connect to it. It is great for campers who need to charge headlamps, GPS watches or water purifiers. Plus it fits in the palm of your hand making it super easy to travel with.

As a solar powered device one would assume the charging output would be much lower than if it were plugged in the wall. This is untrue with the Solio Classic2 , which charges devices at the same rate as a typical wall charger. A typical smart phone can go from empty to a full charge in 90 minutes. That fact alone should make someone want to buy the Solio.

If that last fact didn’t make you want one this will. The Solio uses a design that allows a pencil to be inserted and make a central pivot point. That allows you to use it as a sundial to make sure you are getting it charged to its fullest potential.

How To Use It

solio solar charger
The Solio uses a design that allows a pencil to be inserted and make a central pivot point.

The best part about the Solio is that is simple. One button does it all. The charger has a single LED push button. When it is capturing energy it will be red. With one push of the button it will flash slowly 1 to 5 times indicating its battery level. Right after that it will flash rapidly to indicate power output. If you push the button one more time it will power off.

Once the Solio is charged all you need to do to use it is plug your USB device in to the port and the charging will begin. With all of the electronic devices out there to help make camping a better experience the Solio is one of the coolest gadgets to hit the market in a long time.

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