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Advanced Elements Abyss All-Weather Duffel Bag

When you’re out camping, the last thing you want is wet socks and underwear. Sure, you could go a couple days without food, but wet clothes can drive a camper mad. Advanced Elements is on the path to solving your wet camping gear problems with the Abyss All-Weather Duffel Bag. They want your gear to stay dry in the rain, snow and mud with the Rugged 500 Denier PVC Tarpaulin material their duffel bag is made from. If you’re worried about all your small items like keys, watches or wallets sliding around inside, feel free to zip them up inside the mesh pouch on the interior of the bag.

Don’t get us started on the reflective paneling for visibility in low light conditions, the wide-open mouth for easy packing or the shoulder straps that cinch tight for snag free carrying. Are you looking for a duffel bag that’s easy to see, easy to pack and easy to carry? Well, this 60-liter Abyss All-Weather Duffel Bag from Advanced Elements just might do the trick if you want to protect your stuff from whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

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Manufacturer: Advanced Elements
Product Name: Abyss All – Weather Duffel Bag
MSRP: $69.99
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